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The relationships we have with ourselves and our partners can often be complex and challenging. Counseling is a great opportunity to explore some of the emotions and challenges you are facing in a safe and non-judgemental space. 

I offer both individual counseling for those looking to explore their inner world and relationships and couples counseling for partners that are dedicated to exploring this work together. 

If you are unsure of your path, let’s connect on a complimentary call and we can discuss what path is right for you. 


Individual Counseling

$180 / 50 minute session

Most people choose to come to therapy because they have a conflict in their life.  There is something they want in their life that they don’t have.  There is a struggle in their life that they want to fix.  

I would be honored to support you as you make sense of these conflicts in your life.  Together we can deepen your understanding of your life experiences and how they formed who you are today. Although we can’t change past events or even some current situations, we can help you become more mindful and compassionate and show up the way you truly want in your life.  

I strive to be empathetic, genuine and attuned and I always learn and grow from working with my brave and wonderful clients. 

These are some of things you may be wondering about: 

  • Why do I find it hard to be assertive at times when I know I should?  
  • Why don’t I always trust myself to know what’s best for me?
  • Why do I find myself getting defensive or pulling away from people at times?
  • Why do I find myself regretting behaviors and wishing I wouldn’t act that way but ending up doing it again anyways? 
  • Why do I find myself feeling misunderstood and getting into conflicts with others? 
  • Why do I tend to be super critical of myself? 
  • Why do I feel like I am being  judged or disapproved of by others?

If this feels like something you want to explore, let’s connect

Couple Counseling

$180-270 / 50-75 minute sessions

Love is meant to be strong enough to last. We begin married life together with dreams, hopes, and promises.  But a promise to each other doesn’t come with a guarantee.  On the outside, a couple may appear happy and connected, but sometimes on the inside, they feel disconnected and alone.

Although we try to focus on the good parts and brush occasional fall-outs under the rug, often disagreements and misunderstandings cause couples to feel guarded and disconnected. We get hurt by the very person who we married to “love us most of all”.  

The behavior that we exhibit when we are hurt is wired and shaped by our early life experiences.  Once stuck in this protective pattern, people can’t easily change their moves and can get stuck in the pattern. Both partners often end up feeling hurt, scared and confused and don’t have the map to repair the relationship.  

My goal is to help you slow down and process what’s going on in each of your inner worlds.  It is possible to rewire your old patterns so you can create new paths and new possibilities. My hope is to help reignite those original dreams and hopes in a relationship that is even more mature, deep and safe than how you started out.  

These are some of things you may be wondering about:

  • Why are the good and happy times starting to fade?
  • Why does it seem like we don’t understand each other anymore?
  • Why are we getting into more conflicts and arguments? 
  • Why do we emotionally hurt each other? 
  • Why do I find myself wondering why I originally married this person? 
  • Why do I find myself thinking it’s easier to be alone? 
  • Is there a way to get back the good feelings we had when we first met?

If this feels like something you want to explore, let’s connect

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