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Workshops are a fun and safe safe to explore, learn and grow. 
I offer both individual workshops and workshops for couples that focus on digging beneath the surface and understanding what is really going on from a non judgemental and safe space.

If you are uncertain of your path, let’s connect on a complimentary call  and we can discuss what path is right for you. 

Embracing Your Whole Self

6 Week Virtual Workshop

Time doesn’t automatically deepen people’s connection.  Real connection begins with compassion and connection with our own self. When we are willing to take off our mask and be open and share ourselves in an authentic way, we can truly connect with others.

This workshop will use the map of attachment science to help explore your inner world and we will understand and embrace your whole self.  We will learn how to process our life experiences and the feelings that come along for the ride.  Together as a group, we will laugh, cry and love.  This workshop will provide direction to help you show up and live the way you truly want.  My goal is to help you gain clarity and confidence in your dating and learn how to truly connect to others.

Looking forward to meeting you at the workshop!!


“We are never so vulnerable as when we love.”

- Sigmund Freud

Becoming BEst Friends

6 Week Virtual Course for Couples looking to deepen their connection

Often disagreements and misunderstandings cause couples to feel unsafe and disconnected. This evidence-based workshop invites you to use your differences and challenging interactions as a map to tune into each other’s hearts and bring each other closer.

The map of Attachment science will be our guide throughout the workshop. With new knowledge and a safe space, I hope to help you communicate and connect in a powerful way.

As you learn to understand your inner worlds and truly value and respect one another, the walls that divide can crumble and foster a renewed sense of security and love.

Looking forward to meeting you at the workshop